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Hello all,

My name is Nathan and some friends of mine and myself recently discovered this game at a convention we went to and fell in love with it right away, after coming back home and telling our other friends about the game it spread like wildfire. We currently have 15-20 people getting together for gaming when available. 

Needless to say we all have no idea what we are doing and are experimenting ALOT. Are there any site or guides that someone might be able rto point us to, or perhaps just give general suggestions here?

We are also very avid LARPers and would love to know more about the games story and setting, so if anyone can point us in a direction for information like that we would love to learn more. 

Thank you.

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Im a LARPer too! This game really gets the creative thoughts flowing for use in LARPs, I love the Artemis aliens! Here is some information about the base 4, do a search for Ximni to find out more about the newest race.

There is a lot of information on here that is good for new players. Trying doing a search to find specifics. What are you looking to get help with?

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Welcome aboard!

There is a whole section of the forum called The Artemis Universe where story, settings and alien races are discussed and detailed.

As for guides and suggestions, what were you looking for?  The Unofficial Wiki has a good deal of information about each station, the ships and other various things.  

Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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The site is as far as I know the most complete guide to the game currently available. It's constantly being updated with the latest information and discoveries made on the forum about how the game works.

There is also a YouTube tutorial located here:
. It's quite a bit out of date, but at least it's not the 1.7 version of Artemis like the manual below. Since that tutorial doesn't cover the Fighter console, Arrew made a video which is found here:

There is an official game manual, but it hasn't been updated since Artemis 1.7. I THINK it is available on the web site as a PDF, but I'm not sure, and I can't get to the web site at work. If anyone knows where it currently is, can they post a link to it?

The wiki is somewhat limited on the alien races and backstory. I plan to flesh out those sections soon. A lot of the backstory on the site is limited to the TSN RP Community, which has an expanded backstory of their own, and includes elements from the TSN Sandbox.

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Wow. I was NOT expecting the forum to just insert those YouTube links into the page like that. I think I'll leave them for now. [biggrin]
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