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My friends and I LOVED playing Artemis Bridge v Bridge at DragonCon and would like to duplicate our experience from our couches (if possible).  

We obviously aren't ready to make a sizable investment with full dedicated server.

Are there any captains with Bridge access that would host a game this weekend (September 20th) for us to experience an internet-based game?  We have a total of 4 users in the Mississippi/Alabama region.

If this post should be somewhere else, or if there is a FAQ that would help us get the ball rolling, I'd appreciate any advice.

We are hooked and happy to be a part of your community.


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Check out the discord, it is likely to be the best place to get hooked up with other players. The forums are a good place too but the discord seems to have faster reply time.
Xavier Wise

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If you are interested, there are two or three online groups you can join (that I know of. There may be more.)

The USN I believe run ad-hoc games. They have their own discord that I think they use to coordinate and organise games. Sadly, I don't have a link (I am sure someone can post it).

There is another Canadian fleet that meets online, though I do not know specific details. They are similar to my own group, and I think follow similar structures that we set up. We shared much of what we had created with them, and I think they picked up some bits they liked, but also put their own spin on things (some of their players are in a couple of these groups as well).

The final is my own group, the TSN RP Community. We meet weekly and would be happy to have people along. You can find out about us here:

We meet every Saturday at 20:00UTC and play until 00:00 UTC. As an RP Community, we are of course focused on the roleplay. It is engaging enough for those who enjoy the RP, but light enough that those that don't RP, still feel comfortable joining us. The people in the group are a great bunch as well, and we have plenty of laughs, along with some gripping missions.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website

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I appreciate the leads. Getting our group together may be the toughest part.
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