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I ran across this listing for, quantity 12, 26 channel DMX RGB LED Wall Washers.  The current bid is only $0.96, but the shipping is nearly $200.00.  Even if the bid went for $40, that is only about $20 per Wall Washer.  They each have eight segments with 30 LEDs per segment (240 lights total).  Might be a cheap way to get a tonne of customizable light effects for your LBE bridge.  Maybe a bunch of people might want to go in together as well.  Who knows, I just thought I would leave this here for you all to discuss and ruminate upon.  The auction ends in 18 hours, the seller is based in China, and only has a rating of 2 transactions though, and I have no relationship to this in anyway, shape, or form, for full disclosure.

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