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Chien D'Arren D'Or

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Just upgraded my hosts to the 2.7.1 and I quite like it!  One of my favorite new features is the client-side autodetect of servers on the same LAN, so no more typing in IP addresses!

However I have a question about its implementation.   

Our experimentation with it shows that the name of the server is the same as the name of the user who is running (or installed?)  the Artemis process on the server.  However, changing the name of the user, even after rebooting the server host, does not change the name of the server as listed on the autodetect list.   I cannot find the information in the config files or the registry.   Where does Artemis store the name of the server it autodetects as?

We were running servers on a Windows XP host, a Windows 7 host, and an Ubuntu host running Wine.


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May be its the Admin of the Computer … I only have one account so I can't check that out by changing to another user … and if I set up another account I can't easily figure out how to go back …. I know just enough about computers to mess me up !!! 😉

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