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(Not sure where exactly to post this, but I think this kind of thing could really only happen at Armada)


My favorite part at Armada II was participating in the LARP (round 2, the "Drunken LARP"). I really enjoyed the dynamic nature of the game at that point - and it really made me start thinking about other ways to integrate it into a larger game. I recalled reading about somebody mixing Artemis with "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes", and it sounded really interesting.

I also had the chance to try out CxfAtheus' Planetary Exploration mod in a test run today, and I thought about all the roleplay opportunities that mod could present. With the Eastern Front, we experimented a while back with CxfAtheus' WSD mod, which added more ships and required a lot more coordination between bridges, which was a fantastic bit of fun.

Anyway, I've been thinking about ways to combine all these aspects into one great big really fun LARP-style coordinated combat mission - almost a mix between the third Canonical at Armada II and the LARP mission at Armada II.

I typed up everything I'd been thinking about, and I'd love to hear input from others. It would be nearly impossible to coordinate, not technically possible the game as written, and (IMO) huge amounts of fun.


Please have a read of my rambling thoughts:

The doc is enabled for comments, so feel free to leave a comment on specific stuff.

This is just an example of play in this kind of coordinated mission. There are lots of options for flexibility in this kind of gameplay, but this is my pipe dream of a really great Artemis / LARP combination. This would naturally require huge amounts of coordination, on top of precise scripting, possibly modding, and extra changes in the core game itself.

I also just intend this to be a starting point for discussion - so please everybody feel free to contribute your own thoughts, what you'd enjoy, etc. I just am excited to think of the prospect of missions like this, and I hope someday we could have this sort of thing happen at Armada.


Lt. JG Wick

Artemis:Eastern Front

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