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Originally Posted by anwoke8204
so this is how I built my dmx setup, but now I am wanting to add more lights to the setup.  not show how/what to use to boost the signal and power to the other strips.  I know we can't use use a power injector like regular dmx setups because of how the signals are done on the arduino shield.  does anyone know how I can add more capability to this and be able to add more lights to the setup then just 2 strips? I know I can use something similar to this to split and distribute the signal as a network switch would, but we would run into an issue with needing to add power into the system somewhere so the signals from the arduino don't get too weak to run the lights.

Do you want the strips to be controlled separately, or do you want the strip to be all controlled as a single dmx light?

For separately controlled light strips, just copy my setup for as many strips as you have IO pins. If a single power supply is not strong enough to power them all, you can use multiple power supplies, notice in the schematic how it says 'external power' -- that can be a different power supply for each strip and the arduino (though you should probably connect the GND of all the supplies together)

To use multiple power supplies for multiple strips to be controlled by a single microcontroller pin, do the same thing, multiple transistors with different power supplies, but connect the Base of all the transistors together, so they are all switched on at once.

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that would work to add more power.  would these work as well?

that way I can have different segments and just use a amplifier.

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And with the ArtNet protocol available in Artemis DMX Editor, the Duemillnove board requirement is gone. Mega or Uno + an Ethernet shield and you're off and running. My setup right now has 6 separate lighting modules, all individually controllable. I'm running it off of a Mega, so I definitely have room to do more. Strobe light is next on my agenda. Anybody have a link to a good, decently priced one?

For mine, the light strips are connected to ethernet cables, which carry the data signal as well as power. My lights are 5v WS2812B's, and so far, powering everything via an ATX power supply, I've been able to light 180 LEDs per module without any meaningful drop. Good news is that if I need to, I can switch those to 12v easy, as the ATX supply delivers 3.3, 5, and 12v, yippee!
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