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I´m working on a competitive 2 ship scenario that works fine... but  I can hear the sounds from just one of the ships.

Ex.: the Intrepid crew (slot 1) listens to the beam fire of Artemis (slot 0), but can´t hear the sound of its own beams.

I guess this is an old issue, but this is the first time I try multi ship script. Any solutions or hints?


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I THINK that the Mainscreen of ship 1 is supposed to play the sounds for ship 1. However, if the consoles for ship 1 are playing the sounds for ship 0 the Mainscreen may as well. Either way, I'm pretty sure that DMX for ship 1 does NOT work, and this is a known issue.

Also, is the way you described it true for both scripts and the standard Invasion missions? Because if ship 1 is playing the sounds for ship 0 in scripts but playing its own sounds in Solo, PvP and Co-op modes then this is a bug in the scripting system.

I'll add that scripted sounds (play_sound_now) are ALWAYS on the server only and NOT on the consoles or Mainscreens for ships other than ship 0. Beam fire shouldn't be a scripted sound, though.


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thanks ryleyra
Xavier Wise

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I believe that, when selecting a console on any other ship than Ship 1 Artemis, if you select the mainscreen of that ship and a console for it, you will get that ship's sounds. So,for Ship 2 Intrepid, switch to that ship, select a mainscreen and your console of choice (e.g. Helm) and then hit ready to play. Hopefully, that will fix it for you!

Of course, the server mainscreen view and sounds are from Ship 1 Artemis, and even if that ship is not spawned,the mainscreen will still show a view of where it would have been spawned.

Hope that helps!

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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That has a classic "asking before thinking"... The solution was so clear and my brain so lazy... I´m quite ashamed of myself[frown]

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