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Got together with some guys for a great game tonight. It has been almost 2 years since we last battled together as a group.

We were able to get some all-in-one touchscreen computers for this round. Set them up my church, grabbed some led's (remote controlled, not DMX....yet) and had a blast.



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Bit of Dreadnought action?

Looks like a fun LAN party.

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Somethings just can't be recreated online. I miss those LAN parties. Looks really cool. 
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That's a different bridge setup, with the Captain in the middle and the crew facing each other.  Looks like a good time.  I'd never thought about asking the church as a place to host a bridge.  There is a new gaming store nearby and I've talked to the owner about letting us bring in our gear and having the bridge there.  He'd like to wait till he gets his basement cleaned out so we can set up down there.

There is definitely something different when you've got everyone in the same room.  Very cool set up with the LED's too.

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I run my games at Maker House, It's a coffee shop / Bar / Maker Space / Community Space, I've run games at a Library and at conventions and one of my crew runs games at a local Gaming store.

At Maker House we have two square tables that we use for our Bridge and set up in a "U" Format.

Engineering at the Top Left of the U, Weapons next to them.

Communications at the top Right of the U with Science next to them.

Helm is at the bottom center of the U and the captian walks around the tables as needed.

We found that Science and Communications talk to each other a lot so it made sense to have them next to each other.

Science and Helm talk to each other a lot so they also needed to be next to each other.

Science and Weapons talk pretty often too so it works to have them facing each other.

No one likes Engineering so they sulk in the corner [bawl].

We tried a lot of different lay outs before this but this one seems to work the best for us.


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I have yet to make my dream of forcing engineering to sit in the utility room with the furnace and water heater going on and off (while the rest of us sit in the comfy home theater) a reality, but it is definitely one of my goals for 2015...

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LOL - that's funny, till suddenly, "Cap'n, I can't control life support systems, heat regulators failing, diverting energy to shields.  It's going to get mighty hot up on deck..."

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We went with the Captain in the middle and the crew facing him to make the Captain completely dependent on the crew to show him what he wants. No over the shoulder micro managing!



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That is actually a much more engaging way to play the game and puts the responsibility on the crew to communicate better.

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that layout (from the photo) also has a practical benefit.

a basic table is 2.5' deep and 5' long.

If you put the crew on the long sides (facing each other), the captain sits at the head, and the main viewer goes on the end.

the typical Trek layout was probably more for show, that economics of space.
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