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"Mystery at Oceanus" and "Oceanus (Checkpoint)"

Tweaked a few things in the story, Good luck!

Be advised - On occasion a stubborn ship cloaks and will not uncloak, if this happens be aware you do have a few options. You will know when it happens give it a minute or so to try and consider it a win they apparently know they are beaten.

This has a Checkpoint therefore I do recommend a difficulty level to challenge you! 
You will need a second mission files to load the Checkpoint.

 This is a type of role play mission. It is best with a full team, or close, 1st time into it as not to miss key aspects of the story! Approximately 35 min run time. Full sensors also recommended!

TSN Command orders: TSN Artemis, you are to travel to the Oceanus System and assist the Starbase and the TSN Eos. The TSN Eos has seen better days, contact the Starbase when you arrive. Not sure if their concerns are warranted, or if they're seeing ghosts, they will explain the situation further. Good luck Artemis, Command out!

Mystery at Oceanus 

Oceanus (Checkpoint)

Let me know if other bugs! Thx, Chas!


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Currently not working. Vessel data is missing again. Trying to fix.
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