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Script Requirements: Artemis 2.7x, TSN Mod installed

This is a rather ambitious, non-GMed script (at least for me) which I have been working on for a couple of months and have promised will be ready for use at my library's game day on March 14th.  The final rough draft is done...I think....

The problem I have is that it is intended for a crew of roughly 14 players (one carrier with a slew of teens in fighters; the uploaded version is a testing version which allows for choosing any ship type).   I don't have a good way to test it on my solitary laptop, at least not without revealing the whole thing to my players before it is ready.

I THINK all of the big bugs are worked out, but I need someone to field test it.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

The original inspiration was a plan to totally disable a carrier so our teens could justify all launching in fighter.  That grew into the current scenario, which is intended for a team working to restore ship function plus the fighters protecting it.  I am hoping in the long run to inspire more roleplaying among our participants and develop a custom storyline.  I also wanted Comms to have more to do, so I stole some ideas from the TSN Sandbox and other places on the forum and mixed them with a few of my own.  The Comms materials are fairly solid now, and can be easily ported to future missions.

The current mission incarnation has the following features, mainly run through Comms buttons:
  • Comms shuttle and fighter wing launching and recall
  • Shuttle load-out options
  • Message decryption command
  • Tractor Beam (completely untested, and only affects the beacons)
  • Station diagnostic processes for "debugging"
  • Warp, EMP, and Nuke unit ejection processes
  • Complete shutdown and unit refit procedure
  • 4-digit code entry
  • Shield-destroying "Chromisium Gas," aka yellow nebula (completely untested, only triggered by main ship)
  • GM Console master reset for Comms buttons (untested)

The mission itself is based on the Artemis decrypting a spoofed, virus-laden message which then wreaks havoc with every ship in the sector.  Once it is uploaded, various black holes and nebula also appear in the sector, along with enemy ships, and the allied ships and stations flip sides.  In a subsequent mission the black holes will be revealed as wormholes.

Things which should be happening:
  • Fraudulent IFF signatures (from the start) (partially tested, worked)
  • Mass system malfunctions from virus; run diagnostics to repair (tested, works)
  • Corruption of EMP and Nuke systems, requiring jettison or unit explosion (new version, seems to work?)
  • Flipping of all ship and station sides after virus upload; proximity scans will revert them to normal or reveal actual side of spoofed IFFs  (Partially tested, seems to work)
  • Science station which needs to be re-taken with a marine-loaded shuttle (Untested)
  • Enemy fighters defending the captured station (untested)
  • Request from the liberated station to scan generic meshes and tractor them in for analysis (untested)
  • A pirate ship (the Akbar) should try to steal any jettisoned nuclear material and fly back into one of the black hole (Tested and worked, but this may be bogging down the code)

I would greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to look and/or try it out and make suggestions regarding event timing, message consistency, nebula density, code fixes, confusing interface problems, or anything else.

The mission was written for 2.7.1 and makes use of the TSN mod for ship models.  Thanks in advance!


Had a chance to test with another person on Comms, and have fixed or adjusted a number of issues, including:
  • Placement of the black holes.
  • Pirate enemies not arriving.
  • IFF Scanning distances.
  • Hopefully the Akbar will now behave appropriately--it was supposed to pick up a jettisoned Nuke Unit and head back into a black hole, but was stopping short of the created anomaly.
  • Added Comms messages and sounds to indicate completed IFF and diagnostic scans.
  • Created version with all enemy/non mobile ships as sensor bouys or relays in order to facilitate testing.  (Included below as the Ackbar Principle Test.)  It is missing some of the messages and other minor changes.
I'm particularly interested in anyone's thoughts about what happens after they defeat the virus--the messages, recapture of the Pinstaid, and tractoring of the Beacons.  (The script only requires one beacon to be tractored.)

I can't remove the original Miss_Test file, as far as I can tell.  Sorry about that.


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