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A new command base is under construction. Our enemies don't like our expansion into this area. They know that if they can destroy our forward base or take out the logistic support ships, they can prevent our incursion into space where they feel we don't belong. Your job is to make sure that does not happen.

Number of ships: 1 (single crew mission)
Ship Name: Artemis (you may change the default ship type, but not the name)
Duration: Expect an hour, but it varies. Higher difficulties take slightly longer
Difficulty: Configurable - different difficulty levels give a different game experience

This is my second published script. It's been tested a few times. I originally planned to make it a two part mission where you can choose in the middle of the mission whether or not to proceed to part two. Before I start writing part two, though, I thought I would publish part one and see what kinds of things I might need to adjust.

Script written for Artemis 2.4.0, but should work fine in later versions. Script designed to run with vanilla Artemis (no modifications). It may work with other modifications, but that has not been tested. If someone tests with other modifications (like TSN, Ben, etc.), please let me know how it works.

My group of players has grown enough that I needed to add another ship. To that end, I've got a two ship version (Artemis and Intrepid), but it has not been as extensively tested.

Link to 2 ship version:

As with my previous script, I welcome any feedback here.

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