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OK, it's more of an extension of Waning Dark, building on ryleyra's update to 2.7.  When we played it, we found that the coincidence of a couple natural choices meant that the mission just abruptly ended.  There are a couple of other things I did to modernize this classic mission.  This mission adds (without giving too much away):
  • A dramatic finale after the original content
  • Multiple endings with a completion score from 0 to 100 (with denouement)
  • Pop-up messages to specific players who would know what's going on, so they can feel expert-y
  • More snark from Doctor Bernard
  • A few more clues for a particular mystery
  • A random generation of anomalies, wrecks, whales, and sharks to give science more of interest.
  • A shuttle mission
  • Opportunities for clever terrain-based strategy
Also of note, if you try to add the percentage symbol (%) to strings the game crashes.  I'm not sure if it was the Main Screen Message, the Comms text message, or the log, but one of them crashed the game when the percentage symbol was part of the string.  The more you know....

The file is too big, so I'll try to maintain this Dropbox link:
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