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I debated adding code to recognize difficulty choices. It takes additional work to make it meaningful and it takes longer to test. I went ahead and did it hoping to provide some replay value to the script as well as some ability to customize the script.

I've also noticed that many of the scripts out there take no explicit action based on difficulty and several override the difficulty chosen to the difficulty level the author desires. This makes for more consistent play results since the Artemis engine itself makes the enemies behave differently based on the chosen difficulty.

So, if you completed the Clean Scrape mission at difficulty level 1, you can expect to get something different the next time at a higher difficulty. Ramp it up to 11 if you're a glutton for punishment [smile]

One more tidbit about the script: There are 16 waves. Once you're past 16 waves, the script will complete with a successful message. The main screen identifies the start of each wave. The difficulty of protecting the friendlies in the area gets more challenging as the waves progress. I debated whether or not to provide this information or not. It seems only fair to provide some kind of guidance for the end of the mission considering how long it might take to complete.

Thanks, Ayelis, for providing feedback

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Ooh, Hard Mode Perks! Can't wait to try it out! :3
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