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It's a simple mission: protect the four bases and the one friendly ship in the area. Looking around, there does not seem to be any enemies present. The USS Fleming is busy conducting research on the local nebula. This looks like an easy mission, why did they bother to send us out here?

Number of ships: 1 (single crew mission)
Ship Name: Artemis
Duration: Expect an hour, but it varies due to random factors.
Difficulty: Configurable - the setting affects the size of enemy fleets and the allotted recovery time as well as other details

This is my first published script. It's been tested several times using version 2.4.0 (we've got various device types in my player group). I wrote it with replay value in mind. Not only does the initial difficulty setting change the game, but there are several aspects that are randomized.

I'd like to thank all the script writers out there. I based much of what's in this script on what I read.

I welcome any feedback here.
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