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Yeah, Away Team is on hold for now because I'm concentrating all my time on the Simple Sandbox script, but once I'm done with that, I plan to revisit it. I don't know if I can get anything running in time for Armada, but if I can, that would be great!

On the subject of Comms being able to jam signals or hack into systems, my Sandbox adds controls for the Pirates to be able to use techniques like that to raid transports without being caught, or steal data from ships' computers. Comms has a button to activate those systems, which appears when applicable.
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In years past we did things like that at Armada in some of the role playing and LARP missions. We had players translate the Kralien language, "scan" the hotel to find a hidden Bluetooth device, and con/fight/bribe/negotiate with a colorful array of costumed characters.
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That's a good reason to love this game: it brings creative people together!
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