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Hi my friends,

I´ve just figured out a way  players can send messages to GM through comms console. The idea is quite simple:

-in vesseData.xml:
     create player ship called "observer" with scale 0.0001 vessel with no weapons or    mobility (so tiny it won´t be visible) with a transparent .dxs (i user the Box.dxs from the great TSN expansion)

<vessel uniqueID="19" side="0" classname="observer" broadType="game master">
<art meshfile="TSN/Box.dxs" diffuseFile="dat/artemis_diffuse.png" glowFile="dat/artemis_illum.png" specularFile="dat/artemis_specular.png" scale="0.001" pushRadius="0" />
<internal_data file="dat/artemis-scout.snt" />
<shields front="30000" back="30000" />
<performance turnrate="0.0" topspeed="0.0" shipefficiency="0.0" warpefficiency="0.0" jumpefficiency="0.0" />
<torpedo_storage type="trp" amount="0"/> <!-- Homing"-->
<torpedo_storage type="nuk" amount="0"/> <!-- LR Nuke-->
<torpedo_storage type="min" amount="0"/> <!-- Mine"-->
<torpedo_storage type="emp" amount="0"/> <!-- EMP"-->
<torpedo_storage type="shk" amount="0"/> <!-- Plasma Shock"-->
<torpedo_storage type="bea" amount="0"/> <!-- Beacon"-->
<torpedo_storage type="pro" amount="0"/> <!-- Probe"-->
<torpedo_storage type="tag" amount="0"/> <!-- Tag"-->

<long_desc text="NOT A SHIP, IT'S JUST A GAME MASTER TOOL" />

-in script creat a player ship called "                 "  (so it is invisible for players)

-in the game itself the game master joins with comms and helm (to be able to select the ship "observer").

Now the player can send messages through comms console that can be read by the GM. 
I thing the GM should keep sending messages from its own console because it can change the name of the sender.

It's not a perfect solution, but I think it can be helpful... or maybe some genius out there already developed a more elegant way to achieve this goal. If that´s the case, please let me know!


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I don't think that is really necessary. The GM should be able to see messages sent to Comms from the chat interface, as long as the GM is also logged into a Comms console. Chat messages should be echoed globally across all player ships. (And the GM should be logged into ship #1, unless he changes that)

You can't send Player messages defined IN the Comms menu to the GM, but those messages aren't terribly useful to start with. They're probably okay for quick responses, but for conversations you want to use chat.

I have suggested adding a "GM" (or "TSN Command") selection to the Player menu in Comms if a GM is logged in, so you can make quick "Yes" or "No" replies to the GM. But that would just supplement the chat, not replace it.

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What would be an ncredibly helpful would be if the GM Comms page was a separate console/station. And if the GM station could be viewed by another player. This would allow a second GM to see what is goin* on and operate Comms on behalf of the main GM.

This is a nice workaround tha5 would at least help in the short term

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