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For pirate ships, is there an upper limit to the number of nukes they can carry? 

I'm working on a script where the players can request "Ammo Pods" that will give them additional ordinance, and I'm trying to figure out how that will work with pirate ships. When you add torpedoes via Set Property, the game doesn't normally "check" to see if the ship has more ordinance than it usually does. I've got some code that can determine what is the "normal" number of homing, nukes, mines, etc. for each class of ships, but the pirates have me puzzled... they don't normally start with nukes, can't get them from stations, and have to rely on salvage/side missions to get them, but do they actually have an upper limit? 

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Nope. Pirates do not have an upper limit for nukes (or any other ordnance) different from any other ship. There's the soft limit, defined by what a station will transfer if available, and there is undoubtedly a hard limit, defined as either: (a) whatever number Thom may have hard coded to prevent the game from crashing or behaving strangely, or (b) whatever number causes the game to crash or behave strangely.

The latter number is likely to be in the hundreds at a minimum, so, far and away more than you could possibly want.

[Edit] I would expect your script to check and see that your pirate players have a "normal" amount of zero nukes and thereby provide none. If you wanted the pods to provide nukes to pirate ships, you'd have to write an alternate section that checks for pirate status and substitutes a number for the real "normal" value, or bypass that script and tolerate your pirate players requesting ammo pods until they have 300+ nukes. [/Edit]

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