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Anyway of mapping the 1 though 10 buttons for comms seclection to a joystick?

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I suppose you could read the position of a joystick and output it at a number from 1-9 when the joystick button is pressed. But I don't think that sounds very intuitive. If I was designing an interface, I would highlight a menu option as I move the joystick left and right, and activate it on moving the joystick down. There's no way to map that to the Comms input though. (Although you might be able to make a custom input with ArtClientLib)

One thing I've been thinking about, sort of as a joke, is a "switch board", with a row of sockets numbered 1 to 4 and two rows underneath it numbered 1-9. You would have a wire with three plugs in it, and by plugging it into sockets could give a sequence like 2-1-1 to ask the nearest enemy to surrender. It would look like an old time telephone operator connecting calls. [biggrin]
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