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I'm working on using Artemis as one system of a LARP where focus of the game would be around being strategic and making choices (rather than a kill count-focused game).  It occurs to me that a number of settings in the game would need to change to support this, so I thought I'd list a couple here and see what you all have thought about.
  • The game is bigger than the consoles. I plan to have an Engineering Section of several people (with their own mini-games and puzzles that manually feed to the GM to make in-game effects) and have them report to the Engineering Officer (who is running the Engineering console).  Same for Science.
  • The pace of the game needs to slow down.  In the stock game, you can Boost beams to 300%, close, and destroy an enemy ship in 30 seconds easy.  I liked TSN's modification of knocking down weapons and shields to 1/4 of the original values so that the hulls (at a fixed value) would last longer (providing more time for calls to surrender, witty repartee, fleeing, etc.).
  • Energy needs to last longer (I don't want the game to be about making multiple supply runs back to base to recharge).  This can be through changing the vesselData <performance shipefficiency="1.0" warpefficiency="1.0" jumpefficiency="1.0"/>.  I'm also making a way for the engineering section to generate more energy through a mini-game and allocating scarce resources (implemented through the GM view).
  • Nukes need to either be highly restricted (can't reload them) or removed.  They're so much more effective than anything else in the game that if they're plentiful it's too easy to nuke your way out of problems.
Of course there would need to be plenty of non-Artemis action in the game (like storming a space station with laser tag, solving logic puzzles to repair the station, solving a medical mystery, conducting science experiments, etc.), so that it's not a game for the 6 players playing Artemis while everyone else watches.

But on the systems of Artemis itself, what else would you do to make it more compatible with a talky/LARPy sort of game, rather than an arcade, kill-'em-all sort of game?
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I subscribe to your news letter...aka... I like it.... 😉 
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I was happy to find that someone else was thinking along the same lines:

"In June of 2019, Epic Nerd Camp will be debuting a brand new LARP which combines a live space adventure, using Artemis, a spaceship bridge simulator, and away missions that feature laser tag and/or diplomatic (non-combat) missions. "

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I will note that since Artemis was based on an arcade-style, limited duration and action intensive game experience, it doesn't respond well to slowing down the pace. For instance, the energy runs out so quickly because Thom wanted to make sure there was a reason crews would protect their bases other than just a score or bragging rights. The loss of a base is a serious blow to gameplay and makes a win much harder.

All of your suggestions are very good ones for slowing down the pace of a game. You can even actually slow down the ships, literally, to make the sector "bigger", which pretty much guarantees you will have to tweak the energy settings in order to survive.

Another suggestion I have is to include rest breaks in your missions. For instance, if you have a distress call to answer or an ambassador to transport, don't race across the map at top speed to get it done right away. Instead, include in your mission a trek to "another sector", in which the ship has to reach the edge of the map, transition to the destination sector, and then approach the rendezvous. You could limit the ship's speed during this "transition", or just tell the crew "take a ten minute break".

As for Nukes, you could say that they are normally on standby and can't be used without permission from TSN Command. I thought about implementing something like this in my Simple Sandbox, but I don't think I did anything with the idea outside of having Command complain about Nuke use in a few missions. Basically, Nukes are supposed to only be available during wartime scenarios, and there should be pretty elaborate protocols to request use of Nukes on patrols and the like.

Of course, any script can eliminate Nukes if it wants to, but very few actually do.

I would kind of like if Thom includes some of this ability to tweak the gameplay in Artemis 3.0. There could be a Quickplay mode, a Strategic mode, and a Long Duration mode which really stretches out the energy usage.
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