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We had a small gathering (about 20 folks) at our church New Year's Eve. It was a "bring your favorite game" event, mostly board games in the main fellowship hall.

We brought our "Scout Plus" sized bridge experience and set it up in a side classroom to see if anyone would be interested.

It was a VERY big hit! Most folks who played had never seen Artemis before, and we ended up running at least 8 missions back to back.

Here's a crew getting ready for their first encounter as I explain the game flow to a bystander...


It's a family thing! At Helm on the right is a "non-gamer" Dad (hardware retail store manager), and his sci-fi minded daughter seated next to him on Weapons. Captain Cameron (our pastor's son) is standing, middle. They did great!


This was our first event with our new short-throw projector (Optoma GT1080 Darbee) and fold-up portable screen. at 48" the projector filled a 100" diagonal screen! Two DMX wash lights behind the screen and one small torchiere lamp in the back of the room provided all the necessary ambiance. 


Just to keep things interesting, one of the laptops didn't boot, so we had to swap in a spare at the last minute before mission launch. There are some disadvantages to keeping 8-year-old donated/recycled laptops so far past their expiration date! But at least the spares are cheap too. (Editing my "things to get for the bridge" list to move "additional laptop" up a few notches...)

Next stop... Con Nooga, a sci-fi convention in Chattanooga, TN during the last week of February! 

Visit us at
Mike Substelny

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Looks like a fun event for your intrepid crew. Thank you for sharing!
"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill

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It all looks good, and it looks like everyone was having a blast! [biggrin]

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So I wasn't the only Thompson playing Artemis on New Years eve![thumb]

Patrick Thompson

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Very cool! Great job sharing it with so many people!
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