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Last night we had 3 solo pirate ships: Privateer Cpt Wethington on board the Scout Jimi-Saru, Privateer Cpt Randomguy on board the Missle ship Apacalypse, and Privateer Cpt Valin on his light crusier.

Along side us were an independent ship Haydens "Killer" and a UEE ship (Dread or Battle?).

First round The Apocalypse and Jimi-Saru did some successful raiding (bounty has been tallied)

Second Round, Apocalypse fell due to navigational error into a minefield, then the hunt began... The UEE vessel decided to stop the pirate raiding in this sector.

a certain UEE ship in the same sector managed to eliminate the pirate threat so we could not collect the bounties in that mission…. BvB, Solo Bridges, level 9 seige, was some fun chasing each other when there was only 1 Kralean Cruiseer left on the board and no stations left....

PirateLord Eric Wethington:

Captain of the Privateer Longbow "Jimi-Saru"

Captain of the Pirate Brigantine "Fulminate" and 59th Pirate Fighter wing "The Reapers"

Charter Member of the Eastern Front online group (PirateLord)

Commander of the 1st CAP Light Recon Fleet stationed at ShoShuShen station, Eastern Front Sector

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