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Last night we had 3 solo pirate ships: Privateer Cpt Wethington on board the Scout Jimi-Saru, Privateer Cpt Randomguy on board the Missle ship Apacalypse, and Privateer Cpt Valin on his light crusier.

Along side us were an independent ship Haydens "Killer" and a UEE ship (Dread or Battle?).

First round The Apocalypse and Jimi-Saru did some successful raiding (bounty has been tallied)

Second Round, Apocalypse fell due to navigational error into a minefield, then the hunt began... The UEE vessel decided to stop the pirate raiding in this sector.

a certain UEE ship in the same sector managed to eliminate the pirate threat so we could not collect the bounties in that mission…. BvB, Solo Bridges, level 9 seige, was some fun chasing each other when there was only 1 Kralean Cruiseer left on the board and no stations left....

PirateLord Eric Wethington:
Commander of the 1st CAP Light Recon Fleet stationed at ShoShuShen station, Eastern Front Sector
Captain of the Privateer Longbow "Jimi-Saru"
Captain of the Privateer Brigantine "Fulminate" and 59th Pirate Fighter wing "The Reapers"

Charter Member of the Eastern Front online group (PirateLord)

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