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Greetings.  I'm looking for players who are typically available after 9-10PM Central US time to form up and play a few nights a month, dedicating a couple hours to a session (ending 12am-1am).  I'm unavailable to make Friday or Saturday nights because of my job, so games would not take place on those nights.  The idea is to build a full crew of 6 people and play regularly so we can tackle scripted and other very difficult missions, and in the future, run multi-bridge operations.  New players are more than welcome.  Host machine capable of handling extra clients for those who like a 2nd window to view the main screen.

You will need: Artemis 2.0, Teamspeak 3, a working microphone/headset, stable internet.  Adults (18+) only please.  We will also likely need a great deal of patience.

If you're interested, send me a private message and we'll get on TS3 some time and talk, figure out the details.  Once a crew has been assembled, we'll start working out dates for games.

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I could join, but it would be best if it were on Thursday nights given your restrictions. (not sure if I responded on the steam forums)
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