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Hey Guys
I took a hiatus from ARTEMIS for about 2 years, but recently re-installed my server and my lighting.
I will represent ARTEMIS at a small local LAN with 60-70 participants. I will offer some sessions with me as the captain for the first minutes, and then leave the crew to their destiny 😉
The normal options that the game gives me are surely decent, like a normal "border war" in difficulty 3 or 4.
But are there some short and simple scripted missions, that I can use for beginner? I am especially looking for some work for the comm and the science station – not so much with voice acting, because I am not sure if that will be loud enough at the LAN.

Any suggestions, before I download everything and go through dozends of missions?

Thank you very much,

best wishes,
Mike Substelny

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QuarterMaG, Are you planning to have a Game Master console at the local con?

Most of us write mission scripts to challenge the elite crews who have gotten bored beating the game at Difficulty Level 11. But for Artemis Armada IV I did write one GM Module that has several mini-missions that are relatively quick. Ironically, my observation is that beginner crews do well in the mini missions while experienced crews perform poorly. The problem with experienced crews is that they tend to just sit there waiting for enemies to appear - they ignore clues in Communications Messages and Science scans, believing these to be distractions from their primary mission of making big explosions.

"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill
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