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With a general nod in the direction of David Trinh's post and similar to our post here, we're running a long event and it's a bit pewpew because that's our culture. [smile]

On this occasion, though it's not for charity it's just the regular StarfleetComms crew wanting to enjoy some of this pewpew with fellow combatants. It's really hard for us to manage timings to get any experience with other crews so arranging well in advance seems the best way.

Timezone is always an issue with these things as well, so for information, we're in BST (UTC+1)... being 5 to 8 hours in front of the USA depending on location for example.

That said:
Saturday 25th August 
12:00 hrs BST (UTC/GMT+1) - 07:00 EDT
Then at the top of each hour until:
19:00 hrs BST (UTC/GMT+1) - 14:00 EDT

If you head up a crew or can round one up and think you can be available, please get in touch with me or reply here and we can swap details and book a slot. We're on Artemis 2.7.1 - not running any mods. If there are mods that are required please let me know!


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