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I'm looking for a crew in the Portland Area, I play weekly with some coworkers, but it's limited to lunch time.


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If you do not manage to find people there is also given the option to spend time with us in TSN.
We have alot of casuals playing the game every saturday.

We have multiple ships run by individuals on the ship for each station as you mentioned yourself that you look for people. Basicly every game we do is based on multiple ships and you have the chance to go up naval ranks time by time; its a nice environment and we would be pleased to welcome you.

TSN Lives and breathes in a roleplaying environment that counts both ingame as on teamspeak (which is a certain section of teamspeak)

We have people from all over europe and US mainly, and some additional other places ofcourse.

Its not the feeling as if you would have 5 or 6 pc's in one place and play, never experienced that myself, but its a great subtitude on the ONLINE way

We meet Saturday,20:00 UTC to 00:00 UTC

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SirCastor - which Portland?  MN, OR, even NY come to mind, I'm sure there are others. 
I see Cr00ve has mentioned TSN already.  I also know of USN { } and Eastern Front {on FaceBook}. 

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Portland, OR. 
I'd like to find a crew that I can do a regular game with. I've been doing a weekly game with coworkers, but it's hit and miss. 

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