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Some folks in my area host Artemis at a local con every year and this year I decided I'd like to play it outside the con too.

Happy to drive out of state, but I'm personally in Wisconsin a few hours north of Chicago IL. 

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adventuresomev at gmail or joebot97#7001 on discord.

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There are a few online groups around.

The Eastern Front Facebook group focuses on the EST timezone.

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JoeBot7 - if you are on FB, search for Artemis Eastern Front.  Ask to join.  We generally play on Tuesday nights @ 8 PM Eastern time.  {so 7 PM your TZ...?} 

I'd send you the USN Discord, but I am averse to that s/w and don't have it.  Not sure IF they have a regular, or even semi-regular get-together.  Seems to be Ad Hoc

Terran Stellar Navy get together @ 2000 Zulu time {about 3 PM until time shift, then 4 PM} Saturdays.  Check on them here  --  

    Other than that, msg me here

on TeamSpeak as GrayBeard {the Grim}  ;-) 
on Twitter as   @GrayberdTheGrim 

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