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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a specific type of group.  I'm just looking for a group of people who are just looking to play the game, to learn and have fun.  The rest will be figured out on the way.

I've been in several of those "role-playing" and "Military Ranking" groups, to each their own.. but it's not for me.

I'm in the CST zone.

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Eastern Front plays weekly. We're pretty laid back. Occasionally we'll really try to push ourselves, but for the most part we're a relaxed group focused on having fun, learning, and improving.

We meet on teamspeak at 7pm (central) every Tuesday night. 


Lt. JG Wick

Artemis:Eastern Front


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     I see mwick covered EF, but w/out mentioning that we are a FaceBook group.  Not on FB??  Not a problem, just show up on TeamSpeak, channel  {OR}, on a Tuesday @ 7 CST.  Please have v 2.5.101 ready.  And try to be there a bit early, we tend to run the "Ben's Mod" frequently. 

    I find the TSN is not overbearing in the spit-n-polish function, try them  -- 

   Slate {on TeamSpeak} has this you may find helpful  --   If you organize/find another regular group, I'm sure she'll add. 

   The USN is another irregular group.  Back in the Corwin/Feltes days they had TS Channel Artemis.ORG.  Last I checked it was no longer operational.  USN {mod 2} had a website -  may still be working.  USN {mod 3} uses Discord {channel   NOT a link!} to organize.  If more than 1 crew, they'll shift over to TS.  

     Good Luck! 


on TeamSpeak as GreyBeard {the Grim}  ;-)
Chief Engineer of the Fulminata, one of the Pirates Of BeechWood! 
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