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The LTE Bridge is looking for additional volunteer staff at MomoCon in Atlanta, May 25 through May 28 to help run Artemis.

What's in it for you?
  • Free admission to MomoCon 2017: I'll provide a badge.
  • Spread the Artemis love to MomoCon guests on the LTE Bridge, a fully touchscreen-enabled experience which was the hit of Dragon Con 2017.
  • Note: You're responsible for your own lodging & transport, so this is best for someone local to Atlanta who can drive home each night.
  • A $100 discount for your own LTE Bridge event booked before May 1, 2018: we will bring our bridge to any venue within the greater Atlanta metro area!

What skills do you need? We need 2 or 3 folks with a mix of skills.
  • Previous experience with Artemis is desirable, though if you're a newbie eager to learn, you'll learn well enough to explain it to our guests.
  • Comfortable in front of an audience: we present a 5 to 7 minute "infomercial" about Artemis before starting the mission. You may be one of the presenters (acting Commodore).
  • Customer service sense: Guests will be paying to play on our bridge. Real money. Treat them well!

What will you have to do? 

  • Meet us at 12pm Thursday May 25 for orientation and bridge setup.
  • 2pm Thursday is the opening: our first 4 missions are free, so it will be a good immersion in the entire LTE Bridge experience.
  • Commit to at least 5 hours each day: beyond that your time is yours!

No, really, specifically what will you do?

Ah, the detail type, eh? I like that.

We need at least 2 and preferably 3 staff members at all times. Our bridge staff does the following:

  • Check-in crew members as they arrive. Some will have tickets in advance; most will pay on-site via the web app or via cell phone.
  • At mission launch time, the acting Commodore will welcome the crew to take a brief 5 to 7 minute walking tour of the bridge, giving a very brief explanation of what each position does; then have the crew nominate a captain and take their positions.
  • The Commodore launches the mission, then gives an opening statement explaining how Science needs to scan stuff, Engineering can boost power to make the scan faster, and direct the Captain to the LRS and Tactical view.
  • While the mission is under way, acting Commodore and staff may provide hints to keep things moving; else, just keep an eye on things and ensure there are no technical hiccups or misunderstandings interfering with gameplay.
  • During missions, 2 other staff members are greeting walk-ups, signing up crews, and doing a bit of salesmanship as time permits.
  • Ensure audience members understand that they are free to watch, but only permit paying customers to be "on the bridge" during the mission.
  • After missions, acting Commodore thanks the crew and ensures the audience applauds, as applicable!
  • Nudge guests toward our business cards/flyers which advertise the LTE Bridge.

What are you waiting for? I've no idea! PM me here, reply here, or visit for all the other means to contact us.

Visit us at
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