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Mike Substelny

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For those who want some new challenge from Artemis 2.6 I present these mission scripts which were played at Armada IIII.

"Race Toward Distant Dawn" is set during the Ximni Civil War. The Ximni are divided between The Cluster Utopia and The Accordance of the Plane. An Accordance planet has been ravaged in a Cluster attack. Millions of civilians are fleeing for their lives in unarmed transports with Cluster warships in hot pursuit. Their only hope, a single Accordance jump carrier known as the "Leaper Colony." Can you and your crew lead millions of survivors safely through a series of increasingly difficult jumps, even as the Cluster war fleet is closing in?

"The Hexaplex Vortex" is an insanely challenging mission intended for 100 players at Armada III. But you can try it with as few as fifteen. You need a fully crewed TSN Missile Cruiser and a fully crewed TSN Carrier (with a complete fighter squadron) to defend the sector. But watch out! If certain enemy ships enter the Hexaplex Vortex they will be duplicated! Now just imagine fighting this battle in a huge ballroom where 12 crews represent six alternate universes. Every duplicated enemy should spawn a copy in every other game. Good luck! The galaxy is counting on you!

I will post the big missions with video when I figure out a place that will host them. For now these should keep you amused.

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How big are they? Happy to help with hosting if it means getting awesome missions [smile]

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Thanks for sharing!
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