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Every year over Easter I run Artemis as a local gaming convention here in Melbourne.  Its always been a big hit.  The players get a 3 hour session and many are very new to the game so i let them play around at difficulty 1 for 15-20 mins with me helping them learn the basics, then i set them off on a default mission at difficulty 3 with less help from me.  then for the main event i set the players a scripted mission, and i sit back and don't help, i let the players fend for themselves.

Every year the scripted mission is different, the problem is I am having trouble finding one to use at the next con.  Does anybody know of a good mission for a con? or have one they are working on that they plan to release soon? (1-1.5 hours is ideal, missions with voice over and story always go down really well)



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My script Mission To Hell sort of fits this. It has audio and video characters. It is moderately difficult to play. If the crew figures out all the clues they can win it in about 30 minutes, but I have never seen a crew figure out all the clues on a single session. The only crew who ever solved Mission to Hell played it over and over, which probably did take about 70-90 minutes.

It's a shame games are like this. It's not bad to restart a solo game and take another crack at it, but with a co-op game like Artemis restarting really breaks the immersion.

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I have a mission which I hope can be used for newbie crews.

Check here:

It has some narration and light-touch GM controls.

Visit us at

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Thanks, i will check both of those out.

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I was in Melbourne last October, sorry I didn't know you were around. We could of met up and played a few games. 

I have found two things that works best at conventions for my team and I over the last 7 years. The first is navigating from point A to point B only. The second is combat drills. I flip between the two and at times, balancing a bit of one or another. I have created several tools to facilitate that.

The first tool is to ensure I can communicate with them via an email newsletter program, where I get their permission to send them emails of upcoming Artemis games in their area. The Bridge Crew Assignment tool is a free online program I've written, to provide information to players and assign them their roles on the bridge automatically.

The second tool is a randomly generated game script that focuses on flying around the sector to clean up space junk, derelicts and detonate unused mines. While having to navigate the flora and fauna.

These two focal points have given me the opportunity to create social gaming clubs in various cities. While keeping the playing fresh for Convention attendees, and not tiring out the GM or person hosting the Artemis SBS exhibit.

Bridge Assignment:

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