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Neebie player looking for a crew in Montreal or online!


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you're a newb?... I couldn't even figure out how to post a message except to reply to you.... I would like to start playing since I bought the game and don't have enuff friends.... so if you could tell me how to even post .. so maybe I could put up a message like you did.... also I need info on what program to get for Internet communication since I have never played games where I need to talk online? thanks


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There are 3 online groups that meet up regularly. The TSN (Terran Stellar Navy - very starfleet type, training, ranks, specific missions, heavy RP), The USN (United Stellar Navy - Similar to TSN, but not as heavy on RP or specific missions), and the Eastern Front (A rag tag fleet TSN, USN, Pirates, and newbies just doing what it takes to survive). The 2 common forms of internet communications is TeamSPeak or Discord.

The Eastern Front Facebook Page.

TSN 1st Light Division (Ontario) facebook page

Someone will have to post for USN group

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I see there has already been a mention of the different online groups, so I'll just add more information about the TSN RP Community if you are interested.

We meet every Saturday, 20:00 UTC till 00:00 UTC, with about 20-30 people joining each week. We welcome all players, and make sure everyone has a crew to play with so you'll always get plenty of games in. There are plenty of people who take part in the RP as well as many that come along just to play Artemis. Of course, we do go for the RP stuff, so you'll hear different terminology and technical stuff. How much you want to take part in that is up to you of course.

Each meeting, we play a mix of solo/coop mode games and GM missions, which have some story driven element to them.

We also have our own website and forums that you can take a look at:

Come check us out one night! You'd be more than welcome.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website
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