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Hey Everyone. 

This last weekend I had a full bridge setup with 5-6 people playing from about 3 pm - 10 pm

Around 930 pm the server crashed which made all of the other consoles crash (which is to be expected) and after restarting the game up each client started crashing one after the other periodically after that incident. then the server crashed again. 

I have not looked at the Event Viewer to really dive into this but was just wanting to know if anyone else had seen this or have had this happen to them.



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Did you restart the machines or just the game?
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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I just restarted the game.

We were nearing the end of the night so a full restart would have taken up too much time and not been worth the wait since most people said they were about to go back home. (which after the multiple crashes we decided to call it a night anyway).


A restart of the entire PC would most likely have fixed the issue. However, my question/point is why would/should I need to restart the whole PC (and in this case multiple PCs) to keep playing. Just wondering if any others had seen this as an issue or maybe mine was just a fluke. 

If this was not a fluke; this could cause problems while trying to run scenarios during conventions. This is the first time I have had the game running this long so I have no idea if this is a re-occurring issue. (I do not plan on running during conventions any time soon but maybe eventually this could be a hobby worth pursuing, I have definitely been thinking about it). 

Thank you for taking the time to look and think on this.


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There is a memory leak in the server which eats RAM if multiple missions are run back-to-back. At conventions, we make it a point to restart the server and clients every 4 hours.

This is visible in Task Manager. If artemis.exe hits 1GB you're going to have sluggish performance, and it will crash at a point over 1GB.

That said: we've not had to reboot the PCs, but we do have to exit the client cleanly and re-launch after a crash. 

I've posted details in the bugs thread here:

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Thank you for the info. I will read this article and your findings. 



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