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I will live-stream a coding session on Wednesday June 3, 12-30pm-1:30pm, est. This will be my first time live-streaming my coding, so it's a bit of an experiment.

I'll be working on Artemis 2.2.

Here's the channel link:

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I watched part of the recorded stream and have one minor piece of feedback.

When you were testing your changes you were talking about what you were doing which was cool, But with the game running and playing music I couldn't make out your words over the game music.

Next time I think it'd help to disable music or possibly all audio that isn't your commentary as even the engine noise was fairly loud.

You mentioned you have a list of bugs you are going to be working on, Is that on the forum somewhere?

Sharks look fun!

Fish Evans

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It would be nice to see the list of bugs/Issues so we can raise the ones that have not been reported. It was nice seeing you work on the code, and seeing how the pathfinding works, it also explains why fighters have a tendency to behave rather stupidly for the first 15-30 seconds of flight (heading in one direction only and not turning to engage) all in all it sounds like there is something a bit goofy going on in the A* Pathfinding.
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