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is there a way to somehow limit range on which stuff gets detected and shown on consoles? I know nebulas and power to sensors affects this, but science and captains console always sees all the basic stuff - ship location, mines, asteroids...
Is it somehow possible to hide things even from these consoles? To force crew to go exploring stuff, fly deep into some nebula to find asteroids there, get jumped by bunch of enemies...

I could script it that it will create the objects only when they get closer to it + remove it again when they get furhther away. But this has to be done for all the objects, would it be possible to somehow "blindfold" the captains and science station?

thanks a lot for the time and answers, appreciate that. 
Xavier Wise

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Limit sensor range server side. You can cut it all the way down to 8k if you want. That range often requires multiples ships and scouting to find everything. 16k is reasonable though, giving a good balance between having to scout things out. 32k gives a longer range, but still requires a little bit of scouting. I'd say 16 or 32 would probably suit a solo ship.

Limiting sensor range is a setting you can do only server side. It is not something you can do through a missions script so you'd have to instruct players to limit the range. It is also limited to hiding enemy ships and bases only. Asteroids and nebulae are all visible at all times. As are neutral ships and neutral bases. Both neutral ships and bases also reveal things within their range too (imagine that their sensor data is linked to the player ship), so escorts and destroyers can be used for scouting.

Hope this helps!

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The option to change the settings for sensor ranges is under the CUSTOMISE button on the server set up screen.
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