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John Richardson

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It's still chunky chocolate. For obvious reasons. [wink]
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Is this some kind of metaphor?

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Captain USN Liberator

"When I lost my rifle, the Army charged me 85 dollars. That is why in the Navy the Captain goes down with the ship."
The Green Hornet

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Congrats again to Captain, pupbrad, and all who participated.

The crew of the USS Rita was also very excited about the new 2.0 release, and wanted to see how a level 11 would play differently on the new version.  We successfully beat the level 11, with a single Light Cruiser, and even kept one of our Deep Space stations alive.

Like you, we wanted to record the event.  Our recording is viewable, but we were not entirely pleased with the video quality.  How exactly did you do your recording?  What software did you use?

For those interested, the post on this mission, including a link to our video, is here:


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I used OBS to record, but keep in mind this is one of my bad recordings. I kinda started it on a whim and didnt take any time to set up at all.

Also, I havent finished all of your run, but doing a level 11 with a single light cruiser and keeping a station alive is quite a feat! Well done! I know we wern't good enough to do that at the time! We might be able to now though, now that we've all had a lot more practice. It would still be VERY hard though, so seriously, good job!

Captain of the USN Basroil.
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