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Man, Randal, That sounds awful. I hope things get better for you soon [frown]

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I won't go into too much detail but I had three cavities filled a couple of hours ago. A part of the radiation experience is something called "dry mouth" in which you are no longer making saliva. This actually is bad for the teeth. The bacteria just sticks like a paste. I haven't had a filling since I was a child and now I have three to add to my list. They were small though.

Two years ago I had one cancer in remission and I was able to attend the first Armada which I enjoyed a lot. I hated missing the second one and there is a likely chance I'll miss the third. One of my oncologists (I have three) said that as a patient I got the worst of the deal when it came to side effects. There is a bell curve and the average amount is at the top. On the left are those few who hardly or have none at all. Then there are those of us on the right side, the small 1% who get the full brunt of it. Yep, I fell into that category.

I haven't had a beer, a cup of coffee, a steak... I don't go anywhere but to the doctor and maybe to get a haircut which I'm a few months overdue for. I have a caregiver that does all the shopping and attends to my needs to keep me out of the public. I can't fight off colds and influenza very well and the more people I'm around the greater the risk.

The good news is that I'm alive and have so many things to enjoy at home that I often times don't mind. I miss the beach, the mountains, women. So I concentrate on what I can do and I keep my spirits up. Dwelling on what I miss does no good and doing things like binge watching on Netflix, designing and working on our Artemis bridge, working on Arvonian, programming games just because I can, and so-on. If my hearing was good I'd play the guitar again. I just can't be sure that what I hear is correct anymore since I miss out on various frequencies. No hearing aid will replace those, just alter the sound to where I can hear something which means bending the notes to a lower range. They are made more for conversation than anything.

Alas, I digress. I'm about to pull up the word file for the Arvonian dictionary. I use notes, scribblings, spreadsheets, and several other things to figure out the flow, the sounds, the rules, and so-on. I do this with maybe 20 to start and by the time I get to 80 or so I feel like I've got the basics and begin creating the real thing. It takes time. It's an art form more than anything else. I'm not a professional and I couldn't decipher what linguists say. What I can do though is find something that fits what I have in mind and let it evolve.

Arvonian is going to be melodic, colorful with who knows how many words describing each. They can turn ultraviolet, infrared, pink polka-dot on blue, periwinkle with chartreuse stripes and a hint of rouge. They have a computer as their leader and I'm making their counting system as octal. I thought about hexadecimal because it works better for me with assembly language. Octal though might be easier to grasp and works well in computer languages also.

Okay, I'm opening my notes and playing around with it. [smile]

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I'll send you an email. This project is turning out to be more Arvonian than Ximni - - - the Ximni project will be in another year or two.
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