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Cap Naes

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Been a while since I spent much time here, but I’m dusting off my bridge to pick up where I left off partway through a build. Finalizing the weapons console, and having a computer control issue that has me scratching my head. I’m using push button controls with a U-HID USB keyboard emulator ( It’s working great except for any command that requires the shift key be pressed, which as you know is quite a few. The board can be configured to have a button send a simple macro, such as “left shift, 1” which I’m using to load and fire tubes. The signal presses and holds both buttons sequentially, then releasing together.

On testing in a word document, everything works fine- my select homing button returns a 1, and my load/fire tube 1 button returns the $ symbol above the 1 as expected. But in game, both keys are basically functioning as a simple “1” without registering the shift key press. So the load/fire button doesn’t work. Same story with every control needing a shift command. I’ve tried left shift, right shift, several repeats of both (in case some sort of lag is needed- which I can’t build directly into the macro).

I’m aware of course I can just change the controls file to associate some other keys with troublesome commands, but that would mean always having to move a custom controls.ini file onto any new system the panel is connected to. Same problem down the road with every other station. I’m just wondering if anyone else has run into an issue like this with these or other keyboard emulators and if you have any suggestions I might not have considered to get it working, or how others approached it.

Thanks- I enjoy seeing the progress on all your builds!
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