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... the little bug where after a solo mission the MUSIC VOLUME GOES TO 11!?

Ow, my ears, my ears! Didn't mean to yell...


Seriously, I even have a scripted bit of patter to cover this bug while I start new missions at 'cons and frantically drag the music volume slider on the server back to 50% yet again!

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OMG this, a hundred times this if it doesn't I will find a way to replace the music file with an empty audio file instead.

I think that it should be noted that this is in no way criticism of the music itself. It's awesome   IT'S JUST TOO DAM FRIKKIN LOUD!!!!!!!!

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I think the issue is that the volume resets at the beginning of each mission. Supposedly in scripts you will have the ability to set the music volume to anything you want. But for non-scripted missions either volume needs to carry over from the previous setting, or we could be given the ability to set it in artemis.ini.

Also see here:
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Yes, mission scripts can now change the music volume. I believe that non-scripted missions remain unchanged, and even in a script when the mission ends the music goes back to 100%.
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I must be the only person who really enjoys the blaring music of Artemis. When I play online, yes it is loud coming through my headphones. I just prepare for it.
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I just delete all the music files (.ogg). When I was testing file changes and DMX I'd do alot of closing and opening the server program and the music finally got to me.
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There are reduced volume sound files available to download.  You'll have to thank Slate for this I didn't have anything to do with it.

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