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Hey Guys,
I purchased Artemis 2.0 today and I am amazed. I played it with friend earlier(of course the older Version) and also added some Ships like the Normandy SR2 and the Enterprise-E.

But I thought about the new Z-Component of the Game. I think it is cool to fly under enemies and black holes but is there a plan to implement that you can jump also throgh the Z-axis. It would be nice to jump under an object or Enemy and attack it then. Even in PvP-Mode it would be a good addition, because you can trick your enemy(sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany).

Greetings from Germany


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Your english is better than most native english speakers, just so you know [wink]

Anyways, yea, for that to happen, we'd need z coordinates to have a numbering system similar to the current x and y system, which has been a heavily requested feature so far for the game. If that were done, then I could imagine the next step being adding in the ability for the ship to accurately set itself to certain heights and depths, which I could only imagine would be incorporated into jump.

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It's a little known fact, but a string such as "sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany" is actually automatically appended to all packets as they traverse routers on the edge of the country [smile]
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