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Dropping mines on their heads and using an emergency jump to get away is one way, mentioned by Xavier in another thread. Perhaps an option for some ships but in the case of a Ximni Battleships powerful beams I'd rather avoid that many enemy beam arcs and favour the powerful beams I have.

Sometimes time is of the essence, and there is not the luxury of still back and pounding the target with beams. I imagine a couple of Torgoths with boosted shields will take quite a long period of time to destroy. In the time it take to remove the threat with beams, other ships could have moved to engage the stations on the map. Using mines in combat, as describe by Xavier, will surely clear out a fleet much more quickly and allow the crew to move on to attacking the next target.

Perhaps it should be agreed that there are several different approaches to a single combat, however the best approach is one defined by the overall situation in the sector.

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Agreed. I think it depends on the overall picture.

In that situation I think I'd still favor EMP, Beams and Nukes and a combination of that...

If the enemy fleet had a lot off Support ships or those Torps were unavailable them I suppose I'd use mines.
Jump in their center mass, drop mines, Jump backwards and then engage with beams.
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