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Made a Control Panel for my Artemis lights. Uses HTML/JS/jQuery frontend with PHP backend. [smile] Why not make use of the DMX while not playing Artemis? [smile]

WAN -> Port Redirect -> LAN -> Raspberry Pi with OLA -> Enttec Open DMX USB -> Lights. Works great, if you ask me. 

The "framerate" I can get with JavaScript is around 4fps (TCP), when the control comes from the internet. But I think it's ok for these kind of uses! [smile]
Since the code runs at the client, I tested 3G,HDSPA,WiFi and 100Mb cable; seems to me that the connection speed didn't affect FPS.

Just wanted to share my project, while waiting for bridge crew contacts... My current friends can only play around once a month! [frown]

Please contact me if you need a (noobie but a fast learner) crew member! [smile]
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