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New captain here trying to figure out a strange issue my crew is having with iPad's beyond the first edition iPad running this game.  The keyboard keeps getting in the way.  Has anyone else dealt with this issue?  Has anyone found a resolution?

Long description:  The iPad screen has some buttons very close to the bottom of the iPad screen, specifically in the navigation, science, and weapons controls.  When the bottom of the screen is touched, the keyboard built into iOS comes up.  This is quite a problem as it makes 40% of the screen unusable until the keyboard is lowered again.

The 1.7x game is running perfect across PC (server and main screen) iOS and Android devices.  The issue is definitely isolated to iPad devices beyond the first iPad.  While we can use other devices to play, the volume of crew members with an iPad makes it extremely convenient to stay with those devices instead of hauling laptops around, and we would like to keep it that way.

Thanks for reading!
"Captain" moribund of the Moon Shine
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