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Greetings, I just got a new laptop (Windows 10), and decided to give Artemis another go after playing at DragonCon. I got the Artemis server to run (2.7.1). I keep my iPad OS & Apps always up to date.  The iPad Artemis App says version 2.4.0, and there are no updates on the Apple Store.  I try to run the iPad as a client and I get an error message that the server is the wrong version, then crashes.  Will the iPad client be updated and when? How can I get an older version of Artemis, if necessary? - Thank you!

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They talk about that issue in this thread:

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I also recommend this page of the wiki:

It provides instructions on how to "downgrade" your install of Artemis to work with tablets. I realize this post is over a month later than the last answer, but this link may help new users that come to the forums.
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