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edit: Thanks for the responses!

Hey! I have always loved star trek and this game has pretty much been in my dreams since i was 12. However i have no friends or a group that i could coax into playing this with me. I live in the EU, and probably my only hope of getting to play it is via online.

If anyone knows of any discord groups or ANYTHING where people are looking for more players (im a complete beginner, i havent even dared to get the game as it would be impossible to play alone) and can do pretty much any timezone (Im +2 GMT) as long as its not super late on NA time on weekdays. 

You can reply, or if you have a group and would be willing to give me a shot, you can just shoot me a message on discord at 「Spookki」#5254 anytime or as i said just reply here and i will check this regularly. 

Also as i said if you have any directions for a better place to look for a group that would be helpful as well. 

Mike Substelny

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I think the Eastern Front Group is playing right now:

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Xavier Wise

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You are more than welcome to come and join the TSN RP Community. For everything you need to know, visit

You can also check out our 'New to the TSN Player guide' here:

We are always open for new players to join us!

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website

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Thanks a lot for the replies. Will look into it.

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Originally Posted by Spookki
Thanks a lot for the replies. Will look into it.

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My library will also be hosting an online game sometime soon.  Need to work out the details, but it's in the planning stages.  I'll post on the forums when it happens.

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We are playing a big fleet game on April 5 at 20:00Z online... you're welcome to join us. See website

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any luck, Spookki

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