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Xavier Wise

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OK, due to life, I am restricted to using a samsung galaxy note. I have found the download (Artemis v. 2.100) and was going to download and install to play with the TSN.

The problem I have is, in the TSN we use a mod. The server version is also 2.1.5. Is it possible to mod the game on my samsung, and will the version still link up, or should I just find a laptop and install there?

Looking for advice and help!



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Um... uh... well... uh...

[looks around the forum, whispers behind hand]

I'll send you an PM. I might be able to help.

[speaking more loudly]

Yeah, the tablet versions can't be modded. Depending on your mod, it might work with the tablet, as long as you run it as a client. If there are any models the game can't find, it will display a Light Cruiser. But there's always the possibility the client will crash.

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The laptop is the easy way.

If you realy want to play with the tablet then you can build a Server with vitualbox, install ubuntu or windows in a vm and connect via rdp to the vm.

Or realy freaky you hack the tab to run a real os ^^


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Tec, let's not troll with "run a real OS" - Android is just as viable and functional OS as any other.  It does what an Operating System is supposed to do.   Anything on top of that (apps / programs) is another problem.  [tongue]
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