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I went digging through the forums looking for examples, but it was a cursory search. I know we have the "Rosette" badge for TSN ( 

Do the various alien races have insignia or flags?

Not sure if this has come up in cosplay. If we don't have any yet... any objections if I do some spitballing?
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This is something we definitely need in the Artemis universe. In fact in the 100+ years of the Artemis timeline I would say we need a bunch of them with different meanings for every faction and empire.

For example, in the 20th century Germany used a lot of iconic symbols for the state and its institutions. These include the heraldic eagle, the Iron Cross, the Reichslader, the Wolfsangle, the swastika, the cross, the SS bolts, and the black sun. Some of these are associated with Nazis and so lost use after WWII but others have been around for a thousand years.

In the same way the Artemis Universe's various empires and factions need a lot of different iconography. The Skaraans alone could probably use about a hundred corporate logos.

The United States has a flag, obviously, but the US Navy has numerous emblems that generally combine symbols like anchors, eagles, ribbons, shields, and sometimes stars and stripes.

Several times we have reached out to graphic artists to cook up something, but never wholeheartedly. The "Rosette" was something Mark Bell cooked up and everyone seems to like it.

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