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Without editing vesselData.xml, is there a way to set the starting stores of pshocks on the player ship? I don't see a 'countPShock' property to set in the mission-file-docs text.

Also (not really a scripting question I guess) is there a way to enable a player to instruct a station to build PShock torpedoes, since it doesn't show up in the normal comms options?

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Both of these features were conspicuous oversights in Artemis 2.2. There simply is no way to build more of them or add more in a script. Hopefully, this will be corrected in the next release of Artemis (Which should be coming up in April)
Fish Evans

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I can confirm (having watched Thorm fix it in a live stream) that stations will build and resupply P-Shocks in the next release, I cant confrim that the Torpedo hooks have been installed into the mission script system however.
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