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Does anyone have an Independence day themed script (think Will Smith movie) or one that I could modify to fit the feel for it? I'm running an event this Wednesday and I wanted to do something to fit the July 4th holiday.
Mike Substelny

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I don't have one but it could be a fun idea.
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For a fun twist, don't make it the Terran Independence Day. Make it the Kralien Independence Day, when the Old Gods left them in charge of the galaxy and passed on to a higher dimension/another galaxy.

As a script idea, maybe you can say that one day a year, the Kraliens hold a huge celebration, in which for one day, in honor of their Gods releasing them from servitude and naming them as the galaxy's caretakers, they charge no rent for that day, and invite all the other races to a gathering. No one has ever gone to this gathering because they pretty much consider the Kraliens fanatic cultists, but the USFP thinks it would be in the interest of peace to try making some cooperative gestures and trying to show respect for the Kralien culture.

A TSN ship (the Artemis) is assigned to the delegation, and has to deal with the usual craziness you would expect from this kind of major diplomatic event.

This idea came about because I didn't think the TSN or the USFP would have an event like the American Revolution to celebrate. They could have like a "Founders' Day" on the day the interplanetary government of the USFP was created, or a celebration of the day all the nations of Earth decided to join into one, presumably after a big civil war. They could even celebrate the end of the Unakalhai Uprising. But Earth hasn't had anyone but itself to declare independence from in a long time. There hasn't been an occupying force on Earth since the beginning of the timeline.

I was thinking about the Ximni, but their "Independence Day" is hardly a day to celebrate. Their last great war ended in a holocaust, and it took them a thousand years to recover from it.
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