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So I want to make Artemis or a NPC immune to mines.

Current property documentation ( lists the property "triggersMines" which would make sense of what I want to use.

Ether line of code however does not work:
<set_object_property property="triggersMines" value="0" use_gm_selection=" " />
<set_object_property property="triggersMines" value="1" use_gm_selection=" " />

How might one enable that property?

I want to mention that im having problems with the "canBuild" on station in hope to stop production, but the stations just keep making weapons! Any ideas on how to use this property?

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I'm pretty sure the triggersMines property only applies to generic meshes. It would be nice if it could be used with other objects, but I don't think it does.

Consult the scripting documentation included with the game, or my correction to it found here: Note that since the link is for Artemis 2.4 you may have to sort of combine the two.

I will see what I can do about making that page of the wiki make reference to what commands and/or objects those properties apply to.

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No, it turns out the documentation says the property is for shieldedShips. I still think the documentation may be wrong, but it is more likely that the property is simply not working.
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I haven't been very successful at using the GM selection to select a generic object. I've only been able to do things to generics by having their names in the code.
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